About us

Baker Pictures, was created to make high quality and extremely entertaining Motion Pictures / TV series and Documentaries that will remove the audience from their reality for a short time and place them within the world which we create with each project we produce.

The mission of Baker Pictures is to become a household name for high quality Motion Picture / TV series and Documentaries entertainment. By using our portfolio of current and increasingly growing directory of projects, we seek to develop the most creative and profitable entertainment experiences...



Riccardo Trombetta Spot GXT Comedy

Riccardo Trombetta Spot GXT horror

Daniele Poli Spot Promozionali EUCERIN

One dimensional man - You kill me

I diritti dell'infanzia e dell'adolescenza

Tricarico - Vita Tranquilla

Tricarico - Ghiaccio

FIORELLA MANNOIA - Io posso dire la mia sugli uomini


Project title : RS -33
Format : TV serie
TV pilot Status : Post-Production
Director/Writer : Luigi Cecinelli
Cast : Vinicio Marchioni - Guglielmo Amendola - Giulio Beranek - Vincenzo Alfieri - Giulia Bevilacqua - Eva Riccobono

Project title : The Young Darwin
Status : In development